Express Exterior

Keep your car’s exterior clean with our fast washing services.

  • Express exterior basic starting at    $7
  • Wash, Blow Dry
  • Express deluxe starting at    $10
  • Wash, Tire Shine, Blow Dry
  • Full service starting at    $15
  • Wash, Rain x, Hot wax, Tire shine, Blow Dry
  • Ultimate full service starting at    $18
  • Hand Dry lava Wash/shine/seal, Hot Wax, Rain X Wax/seal, Tire Shine.

Full Service Washes

Pick one of our full service washes and let us do it for you.

  • Full service wash     $25
  • Tire Shine, Triple Foam
  • Ultimate full service     $35
  • Lava wash/shine/seal, Hot Wax and Shine, Rain-x Complete Surface Protectant wax/shine, Air Freshner, Hyper Dressing interior (Dash, Door Cards and trim)
  • Wash, Hand Dry, Vacuum Interior, Clean Windows inside and out, Dust Dash, Doors and Console, Underbody Wash

Express Detail Services

If you want your car to look like new, make sure to get our full detail service package.

  • Express wax starting at     $45
  • Orbital Wax
  • Express carpets starting at     $45
  • Steam Carpets and Mats
  • Express seats starting at     $45
  • Steam Seats or Leather Seats Cleaned/Conditioned
  • Express super clean starting at     $45
  • Dash, Doors, Crevices cleaned and Blown out with Compressed Air, panels and Seats Conditioned

Express Lube Services

We improve the useful life of your transmission

  • Premium conventional oil change     $34.99
  • Maxlife synthetic blend     $49.99
  • Full synthetic     $69.99
  • Premium diesel     $99.99
  • Transmission flush starting     $99.00
  • Castrol professional series oil additive     $14.95
  • Castrol super concentrated fuel injection cleaner     $14.95
  • Castrol top treat oil system cleaner     $14.95
  • These prices are up to five quarts, prices may vary based on specials.

Full list services & Supported brands

If you do not know what type of washing you need, we can help you make a good decision.

Please come to our car wash, and we will be very happy to help you. Do not worry your car, is in good hands.

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