Full service washes

Starting at


** SUV’s and Vans Extra**


Ultimate (Supreme Wash Plus: Lava wash/shine/seal, Hot Wax and Shine, Rain-x Complete Surface Protectant wax/shine, Air Freshner, Hyper Dressing interior (Dash, Door Cards and trim))  $35

Supreme (Deluxe Wash Plus: Hot Wax, Rust Inhibitor, Air Freshner)  $28

Deluxe (Basic Wash Plus: Tire Shine, Triple Foam Wax, Rain-x)  $20

Basic (Wash, Hand Dry, Vacuum Interior, Clean Windows inside and out, Dust Dash, Doors and Console, Underbody Wash)  $25

Full service washes packages


Start at $25.00

Wash – Hand Dry – Vacuum Interior – Clean Windows inside and out – Dust Dash – Doors and Console – Underbody Wash


Start at $20.00

Basic Wash Plus: Tire Shine – Triple Foam Wax – Rain-x


Start at $28.00

Deluxe Wash Plus: Hot Wax – Rust Inhibitor – Air Freshner


Start at $35.00

Supreme Wash Plus: Lava wash/shine/seal – Hot Wax and Shine – Rain-x Complete Surface Protectant wax/shine – Air Freshner – Hyper Dressing interior (Dash, Door Cards and trim)

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