EDGE® Full Synthetic

Fluid TITANIUM technology

3X stronger against viscosity break down than conventional oils

Reduces metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds


OW – 20



Intelligent molecules cling to the engine surface

Protection from the start leaving engine parts up to 4X smoother


OW – 20


High Mileage

75.000 Miles or more

Formulated with patented Phosphorous Replacement Technology to help prevent catalytic converter and emission system failure

Superior emission system protection

Seal conditioners to help reduce leaks; and advanced additives to minimize engine wear


GTX® Synblend

Engine sludge due to severe driving conditions, poor fuel quality and exceeding oil change intervals

Trishield technology-Unique triple action technology actively protects against particles that build up in car engines with the most advanced sludge fighting ingredients


Express lube packages

Premium conventional oil change

Start at $27.99

Maxlife synthetic blend

Start at $49.99

Full synthetic

Start at $69.99

Premium diesel

Start at $99.99

Transmission flush

Start at $99.00

Valvoline professional series oil additive

Start at $14.95

Valvoline super concentrated fuel injection cleaner

Start at $14.95

Valvoline top treat oil system cleaner

Start at $14.95

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