Express exterior basic with free vacuums

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Express Ultimate (Hand Dry lava Wash/shine/seal, Hot Wax, Rain X Wax/seal, Tire Shine, Blow Dry) $18

Express Supreme (Wash, Rain x, Hot wax, Tire shine, Blow Dry) $15

Express Deluxe (Wash, Tire Shine, Blow Dry) $10

Express Exterior Basic (Wash, Blow Dry)  $7

Express exterior packages

Express Exterior Basic

Start at $7.00

Wash – Blow Dry

Express Deluxe

Start at $10.00

Wash – Tri-Wax – Tire Shine – Blow Dry

Express Supreme

Start at $15.00

Wash – Tri-Wax – Rain x – Hot wax – Tire shine – Blow Dry

Express Ultimate

Start at $18.00

Lava Wash/shine/seal – Tri-wax – Hot Wax – Rain X Wax/seal – Tire Shine – Blow Dry

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